6 Tips for Outstanding Craft Business Customer Service

One reason people like to shop from handmade businesses is the personal attention they receive. You can easily become known for your phenomenal customer care and personal touches that keep customers coming back for more.

Here are a few ways you can take care of your customers:

1) Try to learn and remember every first-time customer’s name (or, if you’re terrible with names, some other important detail about him or her). When you greet them the next time they shop from you, your memory of them will demonstrate how important they are to you.

2) Find small extra things you can do for your customers, above and beyond what they expect. When the art teacher at my son’s school asked me to redesign some old beads into new necklaces, I also created a pair of matching earrings from some of the beads, which she hadn’t thought to ask for. She was thrilled with that thoughtful extra touch.

3) Ask customers what they want, and then do whatever you can to provide it for them. You can survey them with forms they can fill out (either in writing or on your website), or simply ask them in person, listen carefully, and write it down immediately afterward.

4) When you give an estimated date for delivering a custom handmade order, always build a few extra days into your quote. Then you can hopefully deliver earlier than they expected – or at least on time, if something occurs to slow things down.

5) Help your customers network or make connections whenever possible. If Mrs. Smith’s daughter is getting married and you know a great independent photographer, give her the name and phone number. If Mr. Jones mentions that his antique pocket watch needs a new fob, connect him with the jeweler you know who repairs vintage jewelry.

6) Have an assortment of interesting “freebies” to toss in with customers’ purchases – a fun little surprise for them to discover when they get home. Good choices for this include any small treasures from your particular art form, small crystals or polished gemstones, business-size cards printed with empowering sayings or haiku poetry, etc.


Rena Klingenberg’s Home Jewelry Business Success Tips website has thousands of free tips – including creative craft show ideas, tips for designing your own Jewelry Business Cards that customers keep, and more.

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  1. Then you can hopefully deliver earlier than they expected – or at least on time, if something occurs to slow things down.