Featured Crafter: Judy from jmkraige

jmkraige_polka_dot_hairbowIn this Featured Crafter, we learn about Judy. Judy sells accessories and gifts for little girls. Read on to hear how Judy’s hair bow business began and has expanded into much more!

I am a mother to six, grandmother to six, a wife to my husband, and a friend to myself. After losing my job, it was part-time but no less a job, and not being able to find another one in my field, I decided to take action and create something of my own. So, here I am. Right now you can find me at jmkraige.etsy.com. Not really too computer savvy, but learning. The more I learn the more I will do. I won’t let myself get in my way if you know what I mean. I have always been making something. Being a March baby it is in my blood. A few months ago, I was at my daughters home in CA. and she received bows for my granddaughter as gifts. I thought they were adorable and thought,”I can make those”. I love ribbon all kinds and so this bow maker was born. Also, I have always enjoyed crocheting but you can only have so many hats and scarves around the house but seeing all the creative ways people were working with yarn was very exciting to me and I wanted to be a part of it. jmkraige_crochet_hatHaving a shop on etsy has just expanded my creative thoughts. I’m also getting ready to put baby bracelets in my shop. Who knows what will come next! My process is I read a lot on what I want to make, practice, practice, practice and when I feel good about what I’ve just made, it goes in my shop. I am always experimenting with different mediums to see where they’ll take me. I was able to finally get another part time job, I’m a floral designer by trade and am lucky to be a working floral designer. Also, I teach floral design in silks as an independent instructor for a well known craft store. Someday you will probably find me in a rocking chair at the old folks home making something with my nimble little fingers.

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